Shed Delivery & Setup from High Point Buildings

custom sheds in MD, DC & VAAt High Point Buildings, we strive to provide our clients with not only top-class Amish-built sheds, but also the smoothest experience possible throughout the entire process. In addition to offering sheds and barns, our team can also offer delivery and a range of set-up services to ensure your new barn gets exactly where it needs to go.

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Shed Delivery & Setup in the Mid-Atlantic

When you connect with High Point Buildings to order your shed, you can choose between our current inventory options that our expert craftsmen have already created, or you can choose to have a custom shed built for you from the ground up. Our sheds are stick-built on site by our experienced teams, and they can incorporate a wide range of options including sizes, coloration, additional features, and much more.

Once the order is placed, we will construct your shed at our facilities and deliver the shed to you fully assembled and ready for use at no additional charge. Sheds must be placed on a pre-prepared concrete or gravel pad (plain grass will not ensure structural stability!). If you are replacing an old, outdated shed, we also offer removal services at a nominal additional charge if you need it.

Can You Deliver a Shed Anywhere?

We are glad to deliver your new shed to anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region! If the delivery point exceeds 15 miles from our nearest location, we do charge additionally, but for the most part we are happy to travel anywhere within reason to ensure that your shed arrives in peak condition and gets placed where you need it.

On-Site Shed Construction

We know that not everyone will have an easily accessible yard or staging area, which is why we offer construction services on your land. We can create a custom or prefab shed right in your backyard, or wherever is convenient. Please be aware that there is an additional charge for this service, as it requires additional transport, labor, and time!

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For over 20 years High Point Buildings has been offering superior quality, craftsmen-built sheds and outbuildings. We pride ourselves on quality services, unmatched products, and a customer experience that ensures you get the experience you deserve. As a family-owned and -operated business we have always put the needs of our clients first.

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