Rent To Own Program

Rental payments as low as $123/month + NO CREDIT CHECKS

Are you wasting your money on self-storage?

Our RTO program has monthly fees lower than self storage, and you own the shed in 24 months!

Why Rent Own?

The Benefits

Unlike many financing options out there, the requirements to rent-to-own one of our sheds are significantly less rigorous.

Here are some of the benefits of renting-to-own a shed with us:

Use RTO for any shed: You can do the Rent-to-Own program with any of our sheds, regardless of whether it is pre-built or a custom order.

No credit checks!

No approval process: There is no background check or approval process. Simply put down a small refundable deposit and we will deliver the shed to you.

Refundable deposit: A fully refundable deposit of 15% (of the total price) is all you need to order a shed today!”

Rental payments for 24 months: Once we discuss which product you want, we will adjust the monthly payment accordingly. After only 24 months of rental payments, you own the shed.

Monthly payments as low as $82Monthly rental payments are based on the price of the shed, starting at $82 per month

No cancellation fees: The rental contract is month-to-month. Return your shed at any time with no penalty.

Early Payoff: You may pay the shed off early at any time, and by doing so you will pay less in rental fees.

Easy Online Payments: Make your RTO payment easily online right here or sign up to have your payment automatically run via credit card the first of each month.

Get Started Today!

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